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Biodiesel is a wonder of the wonders of this era - A Fuel Oil replacement for Mineral Diesel Fuel (HSD/LDO/FO) with far superior characteristics. To name a few are:
Far superior to Mineral Diesel
Environmental friendly
Can be home brewed
Biodiesel can be produced from any vegetable oil, Animal Tallow, Waste Cooking Oil, Fish Oil and the like which occurs naturally across the globe.

While considering Biodiesel, mankind is not restricted to the occurrence of the oil deposits as compared to that of mineral diesel. The raw materials used for production of biodiesel can be grown ubiquitously where there are footprints of mankind.

The concept of Biodiesel therefore, liberates the mankind of the regional bounds of oil wells and offers self-sufficiency for every region of the world.

Biodiesel is gaining popularity world over.


Organizations across the globe are working in tandem with the Global Community to shift to Green Energy by implementing those processes and technology which are environment and nature friendly. Biodiesel is gaining immense popularity for encompassing those characteristics which will soon change our polluted environment, atmosphere encased with harmful emissions, gloomy sky into a GREENER AND BRIGHTER TOMORROW.
Biodiesel is widely produced in Europe (Germany, France, Italy and Austria), United States of America, Brazil and is coming up in a big way in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.
These countries provide appropriate Fiscal benefits to the Biodiesel Industry for sound environment reasons.
Presently over 2 Billion Litres of Biodiesel is produced world over in total.
Different nations use a variety of raw materials for producing Biodiesel, as its production is not constrained to any particular raw feedstock. For instance
Europe produces biodiesel from: Rapeseed, Sunflower
U.S.A produces biodiesel from: Soya
Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia: Palm
Ireland: frying oil, Animal Fats
India: Animal tallow, Acid oil, Palm Oil, Fish Oil, Karanj, Jatropha etc.
Biodiesel is an established Industry and the practice of using Biodiesel is well established world over.


Demand for petroleum Products for the year 2008 was 124MMT
Import of crude oil & POL for the year 2008 was 90 MMT
Production of crude oil in the year 2008 was 34MMT
Consumption of HSDO & LDO for the year 2008 is 52.33 MMT
Consumption of motor gasoline ( Petrol) in the year 2008 was 9.64 MMT

Import Burden on Crude Petroleum

Year Rs.(Crores) Billion USD
2004-05 1,01,963 22.60
2005-06 1,50,557 34.10
2006-07 1,90,000 43.30

Biodiesel and the Indian Economy

An increase in $1 per barrel of crude oil prices adds to $425 million to Indian Oil Import Bill
Oil import constitutes a major part of Indian Trade deficit and has an enormous impact on Indian economy and creation of new jobs
Oil pool deficit and subsidies to the tune of Rs. 160 Bn for 2008 (USD 4 Bn)
Current annual demand for diesel is projected at 46 MMT and is expected to go up to 67 MMT by 2011
Investment in Biodiesel technology will ensure that India has transportation fuel options and will not be so vulnerable
India must traverse the path of indigenous energy creation through innovative engineering in order to move from Mineral Oils to Biofuels to reap the economic and environmental benefits from the upcoming and booming biodiesel Industry.
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